Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Little Boy is Growing Up

Our son Tyler just got back from a trip to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. My dad operates an educational tour company called 500 Tours, and this year they offered the trip to the junior high where Tyler goes to school.

Tyler's always been shy and quiet. He's the one I tend to worry about because he's not as social as my daughter. He's also one who needs constant reminding, "don't forget to take your shower, did you brush your teeth?" This was going to the first time for him to be away from home (and me) for a trip like this. Would he be okay going three whole days without me to watch out for him and remind him of things?

The first day he was gone, I sent him some text messages like, "R U having fun?" He didn't respond (of course, he's not connected to his cell phone like my daughter is). The second day I sent another text, but still no response. But, he DID call my husband! He wanted to know what was going on with a NASCAR race. Nothing about me... My husband said he told Tyler to give me call.

I waited for Tyler to call, but he never did. Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore and I called him later that night. He said he was sorry he forgot to call me. He and his roommates were in another room at the hotel where some classmates brought along their Wii. He said they might all sleep in their room. I was very happy to hear he was having fun and hanging out with the other kids. "So," I prodded, "are you going to take your shower in their room or yours?" To my shock, Tyler replied that he had gotten up at 5:30 and he took his shower that morning. What? He actually practiced good personal hygiene without me telling him to do it?

Tyler had a great time at Space Camp. He learned a lot, had fun, and proved that he doesn't need me quite as much as I thought he did. Sigh... I guess it's time for me to let go a little and let him grow up.


  1. I'm surprised he didn't text you back--but he's a boy. Col never calls when he's off on a trip and I've got all these horrible "he's dead" thoughts in my head. Ugh. At least he called Dad.

  2. His not calling you back sounds a bit like my younger brother. Most times when one of our family calls him we get his voicemail. Then, maybe one to two weeks later if you're lucky, you get a return phone call. :) He's always been like this, even when he was younger.

  3. Boys are so different. It is always amazing to me to watch my niece and then my nephew and how they react to things. My nephew is vastly different than my niece as at his age. And so much more independent.

    At least you know you don't have to worry as much about him! That must be a relief.


  4. Sounds like an awesome experience for him!!

  5. That's so great that you are so close and loving to your children. Just you wait until your "baby" is giving birth and your son is working at a famous teaching hospital as one of their top computer analysts! ROFL! (my kids, obviously) He'll be home soon and you can hug him and stop worrying. :)

  6. Lin - Yes, boys are funny. He probably didn't even think to check his phone for messages, he RARELY texts. Half the time, he doesn't even have his phone with him. Totally different child than my daughter!

    laneerg - Yep! That's sounds exactly like Tyler. He just doesn't have the need for immediate communication, I guess.

    Kelly - Yeah, it is good to know he does alright on his own. It is so funny how two kids with the same parents, raised the same way, can be so drastically different!

    SLColman - Yes, it really was a wonderful experience for him.

    Lilysgramma - I know, it's so hard to imagine that in just a few years they will be out starting lives of their own...

  7. Isn't it nice when all the hard work begins to pay off? Of course we wouldn't know it since they don't call us but it's nice anyway. Whew! I was just possessed by a Jewish mother for a moment.