Thursday, June 4, 2009

Help! I'm Watching "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!"

Has anyone else been watching this show? I'm not sure what to say. There are so many things I dislike and find disturbing, yet I have sat in front of the T.V. watching every night this week!

First of all, the term "celebrity" is being used quite generously. The only names that were familiar to me were Lou Diamond Phillips, Sanjaya, and Patti Blagojevich (actually I had only heard of her husband, Rod). Oh yeah, and I cannot forget Steven Baldwin who has made reality T.V. his career.

The other issue I have with this show is that some of these people are completely nuts! I seriously think Spencer Pratt from The Hills needs some major mental help. He and and his wife Heidi have quit repeatedly, and now they want to come back. John Sully had an unexpected meltdown and flipped out on Janice Dickinson (who has had some ugly moments of her own).

Most of the challenges have been horrendous. It's like Fear Factor meets Survivor. The players have to contend with tarantulas, rats, eels, and anything else disgusting you can think of. Lou Diamond Phillips had to get medical attention from all the rat bites he sustained last night. Can't you get diseases that way?

I will say I've been most surprised by Patti Blagojevich. I guess her husband was supposed to be on the show, but the courts would not let him while he awaits trial for allegedly trying to sell Barack Obama's senate seat. I figured that she would be snotty and arrogant, with a lot of four-letter words coming out of her mouth. Instead she's shown a great attitude, and the other players all seem to like and respect her. She holds her own with the challenges, too.

So, I guess I'll be tuning in next week for four more nights of groaning, eye rolling, and cheering on pseudo-celebrities. Now that all our other shows are done for the season, there's not much else to do anyway...


  1. Patti isn't a celebrity--she and her husband are crooks and wannabe celebs. I'm so glad that I didn't even start with this train wreck--I've heard nothing but bad about this show, but everyone keeps tuning in.

  2. I refused to watch. Any show that would put Blagojevich on it is nuts. Plus, I don't like watching people eat bugs or be crawled on by bugs and snakes and things...ew!

    I think they should have called it "I want to be a celebrity...get me outta here!" I'm a very sad that Lou Diamond Phillips put himself in this show!

  3. Lin - It is like a train wreck. It's horrific, but you can't stop watching. At least I've only got two more weeks of it...

    Kelly B - Yeah, what's up with Lou? Maybe he doesn't have much going on right now. He's one of our favorites. At least the show will help raise money for charities...

  4. I had the show on for a few minutes the other night and couldn't STAND it. You're right... the term "celebrity" is pretty vague. Does Sanjaya even count as a celebrity??? He was on American Idol and then what? As a reality TV addict I can say this is one show I am not addicted to.